PARIAH is a solo electro-acoustic studio project by Adam Goodwin, utilizing field recordings, multi-layered acoustic instruments, voice and electronics.




Trio featuring cello, double bass, and electric guitar, all of which are processed through a vast system of analog electronics. The sound represents a diverse array of musical influences that reflect the individual background of each member, ranging from minimalist drone music to contemporary classical music, traditional Turkish music, and noise rock. The improvisatory approach to the music places a heavy emphasis on the unique atmosphere and context of each individual performance, all the while retaining a clearly recognizable and aesthetically cohesive sound. The performances of Elmer Kussiac feature regular collaboration with a variety of  other artists, including dancers, video artists and performers.


Amélie Legrand: cello, voice

Tatsumi Ryusui: gtr, electronics

Adam Goodwin: double bass

"Organ Mouvement" - by Elmer Kussiac, video by Guillaume Cailleau (2016)





Reverse Μode is a genre-defying music project which originated in one of Europe's creative hubs, the city of Berlin. Having started in 2013 as a joint venture amongst a group of three expatriate musicians, Reverse Mode forms a dialogue between the East and West, borrowing elements from various musical traditions and blending them together in a unique way, thereby establishing a new language of musical communication. The basic musical material comes from the traditional music of South-Eastern Europe, especially Greece. This material is then reinterpreted, arranged and transformed, mixing the traditional elements of the music with free improvisation, extended techniques and live electronics. Therefore, a metamorphosis occurs, one that, while cherishing its traditional roots, is not afraid of stepping into uncharted musical territories.






The repertoire of Nawa consists of pieces in traditional oriental musical forms such as: Sama'i, Bashraf, Longa, Darij, Tahmila, Dulab and many more. However, Nawa also interprets contemporary compositions in a classical setup. Central to all kind of oriental musical forms is the Taqsim: a structured, mode-based instrumental improvisation which focusses on rhythmic and melodic patterns in order to explore modes and modulations. Together with the structured musical forms it creates a highly dynamic and lively listening experience.


Nadim Sarrouh: oud

Valentina Bellanova: nay

Penelope Gkika: violin

Adam Goodwin: double bass

Amir Czwink: percussion






grind butoh semi-improvised hardcore performance


Michiyasu Furutani: movement

Adrian David Krok: drums

Adam Goodwin: double bass, vocals






an international collaboration of musicians active within the underground noise and experimental music scenes of Berlin, Texas and California.



Bonnie Lander: voice, violin

Penelope Gkika: violin

Unterlala: cello

Adam Goodwin: double bass

Samuel Dunscombe: clarinet, bass clarinet

Andrew Jordan Miller: piano, keys, voice, electronics

Joe Mariglio: electronics


Live performance at Super Happy Fun Land in Houston, TX, Jan. 2017



video by Adam Goodwin, "Dissolution" from the album 23:58, feat. members of the Murmur Collective


"...And Now for Something Completely Different"


Collaborative quintet project featuring five musicians who improvise and compose. All of the group's repertoire is composed by the members of the ensemble.


Antonis Anissegos: piano

Frank Gratkowski: saxophones, clarinets

Emilio Gordoa: percussion, vibraphone

Stephan Bleier: double bass

Adam Goodwin: double bass


"Blunt Force Trauma" (2016), composed by Adam Goodwin, performed by Emilio Gordoa, Antonis Anissegos and Adam Goodwin





Glocal Express plays the multi-faceted music of Turkey.
Ranging from traditional folk songs, songs of Turkish classical music, Kurdish folk songs through to songs from Azerbaijan, their music knows no cultural boundaries.
What Glocal Express makes unique is that the songs are played with oriental and “untypical” western instruments and so its sounds much different to traditional ones!
Glocal Express wants to create Turkish music new and also stands for refreshing frankness and experimentation. But not only the music and diverse instruments are special, also the band members coming from all over the world.


Haydar Kutluer: baglama

Amélie Legrand: cello

Peter Kuhnsch: percussion

Adam Goodwin: double bass






The Vasana Trio is a contemporary string trio comprised of viola, cello, and double bass. The ensemble focuses on bridging the gap between improvisation and notated music, playing pieces which often include a mixture of traditional notation, graphic notation and all out improvisation. The group has also played many of Goodwin's original compositions.


math rock with a little bit of country twang, straight from the soul