Teaser video for my solo album BANISHING RITUAL, coming out in physical and digital form on January 1st, 2020!


featuring "Invocation of Fire" (2019)

Blo Back Gallery, Pueblo CO 


Long House, Mesa Verde National Park (2019)

"Anti-Survival Instinct" (2016) - amplified double bass with effects


"Maknongan" (1986)


by Giacinto Scelsi


Solo amplified double bass, San Antonio TX (2018)



"Flood" (2017)


solo double bass, from the album "Cataclysm"





"Restitution" (2017)


solo double bass, from the album "Cataclysm"




"Undergrowth" (2013)


durational electro-acoustic composition featuring multi-layered double bass, AM radio and field recordings